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Optimising Mobility

Astro Quip

Astro Quip is the distribution division for our impressive range of aluminium assistive mobility devices, consisting of elbow crutches, walking frames, walking sticks and other related items.

Astro Quip Mobility Devices

We commit to bringing you outstanding products, manufactured in South Africa. To ensure that we maintain consistent levels of excellence we have invested in a brand new testing facility. It houses all the apparatus we need to manufacture in accordance with the relevant SABS and ISO standards applying to mobility aids.

Astro Group Quip Crutches Blue
Astro Group Quip Walker Sitting

Products We Design, Manufacture & Supply

  • Standard Elbow Crutches
  • Elbow Crutches
  • Permanent Crutches
  • Gutter Crutches
Walking Sticks
  • Adjustable Walking Sticks
  • Cane Walking Sticks
  • Classic Walking Sticks
  • Quadruped Walking Sticks
  • Tripod Walking Sticks
Walkers & Rollators
  • Pulpit Walkers
  • Folding Walkers
  • Folding Rollators
  • Rollator Wheel Sets
Other Products
  • Aluminium Grab Rails
  • Ferrules
  • Super Soft Grips
  • Gutter Top Specials
  • Toilet Seat Raisers

Specifications & Testing

Our crutches are manufactured to meet or exceed the conditions stipulated in the SABS specification document CKS 112:1972 as well as ISO 11334-1.

The Static Loading Test Bench

The Static Loading Test Bench is a destructive test that determines the degree of downward force that the crutch will withstand before failing. The SABS specification requires that the product be able to withstand downward force of 125kg.

The Handgrip Separation Test Bench

The Handgrip Separation Test Bench is the apparatus that determines that the Soft Grip covering the handle will withstand a specified amount of force without detaching from the plastic base material.

The Forearm Withdrawal Test Bench

The Forearm Withdrawal Test Bench determines the force required to allow the forearm of the individual to move through the cuff.

Shore Hardness Test

In addition to the above test benches we also have equipment which determines the Shore Hardness of our plastics in accordance with SABS & ISO standards.

Off line Testing

We perform our own off line quality testing on all products in the Astro Quip range. The following test benches have been installed: Weight Bearing Test Bench, Cuff Release Test Bench, Soft Grip Release Test Bench, Ferrule Slippage Test Bench and finally, we test the Shore Hardness of all our plastics, and specifically the Ferrule & Soft Grips.

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