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Extended Fabrication Capability

Aluminium Fabrication

We aim to further improve our well respected "one stop service" by both sourcing the necessary material for your orders and going the extra step of performing fabrication services that may be required.

Material Supply

We specialise in the supply of an extensive range of extruded and rolled aluminium products as well as the manufacture of semi-finished and finished aluminium products on behalf of our customers, or for distribution through our own channels.

Custom Extrusion Development & Design

Our experienced team, are available to assist with the design & development of custom customer extrusion die’s. Our in-house CAD software, along with a proven track record, ensure that the complexities involved are safely & efficiently covered.

Aluminium CNC Bending

Our aluminium fabrication services include CNC bending for aluminium sheet and plate up to 3mm gauge, inside diameter 25mm on channels. This service does not extend to aluminium tube.

CNC Routering Services

To increase our manufacturing capability we offer CNC routering in-house (DXF File compatibility). Our CNC Router is suited for high volume, component & extrusion type work.

Lengths & components of between 25mm – 3000mm are ideally suited to our machining bed.

Operations include, standard cutting, drilling, counter-sinking, and stepped cutting.  

Specialised jigging ensures that a high tolerance is achieved on high volume repeatability.  

Aluminium Cutting

We offer aluminium cutting on aluminium extrusions.

Aluminium Guillotining​

We are able to assist with straight guillotining for aluminium sheeting from 0.5mm gauge up until 4.5mm gauge.

Press Work​

Our press shop comprises of four Hydraulic Eccentric Presses. These are used for punching, forming, and shaping according to customer specifications on aluminium extrusions, and sheet.

Specialised Packaging​

Customer specific product packaging requirements are available on request.


Our turnkey drilling service includes drilling, countersinking, and tapping.

CNC Routering

Sheet Protection


Material Supply

CNC Bending

Value Added Services

Free up time to focus on core aspects of your business such as product development, sales and marketing. Rely on us to deliver your finished product.

A Turnkey Service

When further surface finishing like anodising or powder coating is specified, we have all of these facilities under one roof. This means that we can take your projects to the semi-finished or finished stage seamlessly helping you avoid the negative aspects of shipping your project from one service provider to another.

Simplified Processes

This process places the responsibility for quality production on us and relieves you of the concerns associated with products being ruined at some advanced stage of manufacture by a careless vendor.

Efficient Packaging

We are experienced at packaging of aluminium products, something we have been doing for years. You are welcome to hand that responsibility to us as well.

Let’s talk.

For more information about our products and services please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll respond as soon as possible.